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Four Steps to Getting an Auto Loan

In this rough economy, getting a car loan can be a rather tough hassle, even for people who have excellent credit. But for those whose credit history is less than stellar, obtaining financing for any new or used car purchase can be surprisingly difficult. Regardless of your credit score, here are four excellent ways you [...]

Getting Approved for Subprime Auto Financing

One of the tools that lenders have to be able to provide credit to people with risky credit is the use of subprime lending. This simply means that to get credit, you’ll pay a little more interest on the loan and there will be a few more rules to follow in the payment terms

What is a Second Chance Auto Loan?

Many dealerships around the country realize that a growing number of Americans are suffering from bad credit or no credit at all. Having perfect credit makes it much easier to obtain most traditional car loans, but a perfect credit score isn't in the cards for someone who has recently gotten out of bankruptcy or have a default judgment rendered against them


The process was simple. A few questions to be answered and they find the loan to fit your needs and budget - it was a great experience overall.
– Cher M., Sturgis, NY
I am Thankful to have gotten the car I wanted to drive and not be told to go with another car to get the deal done! THANKS!!
– Jasmine B., Roswell, NY
I applied at and about 2 or 3 days after, I was contacted by a Loan Advisor and i was able to buy a 2008 Nissan Altima very easy.
– Ramon S., North Bergen, NJ